The activities in CEMEK are organised within three laboratories:

LAMEK                                              LAPN                                       ICTD


Laboratory for Element and Structure Modelling (LAMEK)

The activities in CEMEK started in 1990 and were first organised within the LAMEK laboratory. The main objective of its research group are special knowledges in the field of machine and appliance design:

Blast response analysis of structures

Ball bearing analysis

Carrying capacity criteria

The influence of the supporting structure stiffness on the carrying capacity of a rotational connection

Analysis of a screw connection and a gear pair

Experimental system for testing rotational connections

Expert system for designing rotational connections


Laboratory unit for traffic accident analysis and research (LAPN)

The LAPN unit was founded in 1996. Its activites include development and implementation of software for traffic accident evaluation, research in the field of vehicle control, motion of humans, modelling driving environment and vehicle collisions, as well as providing expert opinions and preparing reports.

Model for vehicle dynamics analysis and simulation

Model for analysis and simulation of human body dynamics

3D vehicle models

Vehicle database

Verification of simulation results

Traffic accident database and GIS system


Information centre for technical documentation (ICTD)

The ICTD unit is active in taking over and introducing the SIST ISO standards in the field of technical documentation. Its work is carried on in cooperation with the following organisations: