Static and dynamic multiaxial test stand


Static and dynamic multiaxial test stand with a linear and rotational electrodynamic propulsion. Its purpose is to enable precise time-dependent experimental characterisation of materials based on external loads, which is essential for the development of advanced material models and determination of characteristic material parameters of different materials (e.g. shape-memory alloys, composites, polymers, etc.).


• Max static force: 14 kN
• Max dynamic force: 20 kN
• Max. speed @ max. dynamic force: 1 m/s
• Max dynamic torque: 140 Nm
• Max static torque: 100 Nm
• Max rotational speed: 400 rpm
• Max rotational speed at full load at full load: 300 rpm
• Max testing frequency: 100 Hz
• Stroke: 70 mm
• Absolute encoder with resolution 50 nm