Mechanisms (7109)

The course takes place in the doctoral degree programme (Level 3), field of study: Design and mechanical engineering. It includes 90 hours of lectures and 160 hours of student’s independent work, altogether accounting for 10 credit points (ECTS).

Students taking this course will study, analyse and develop mechanisms whereby they will also learn about advanced theories of mechanisms, principles of operation and implementation of the most common mechanism types or nanoscales to large scale machines and devices (cranes, lifts, assembly lines, etc.) in the fields of mechanical engineering and biomechanics.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Modelling of the dynamics of rigid-body and/or elastic-body systems,
  • Creation and design of mechanisms,
  • Characteristics of mechanisms.
  • Kinematic and dynamic analysis of mechanisms,
  • Optimisation of geometric parameters and modification of mechanisms,
  • Influence of part flexibility and joint clearance on mechanism dynamics,
  • Design and dynamics of higher kinematic pairs,
  • Computerised synthesis and analysis of mechanisms in the process of development of machines and devices.