Design, optimisation and development: CAD/CAM/CAE design, modelling and drawing up of documentation for different components and systems.


Material characterisation: Experimental testing and characterisation of materials under static, dynamic and cyclic loading.


Traffic: Impact biomechanics, development of numeric human-body models, development of passive and active safety systems, analysis of road safety, analysis of traffic accidents, evaluation of road traffic injuries, traffic logistics, evaluation of road safety, vehicle engineering, theory of ground vehicles.


Control systems: Development of cost-effective systems for data collection and real-time.


Numerical analyses: complex nonlinear numerical analyses, numerical analyses of multi-step production processes, evaluation of human-body injuries, optimisation and development of road safety equipment and vehicle restraint systems, numerical simulations in accordance with SIST EN 1317, evaluation of roadside infrastructure in accordance with EN 1317, EN 12899, EN 12767 as well as performance evaluation of the impact performance of the motorcycle road restraint systems in accordance with CEN/TS 17342 .




Teaching the courses: Geometrical Product Specification (GPS), Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), Tolerance analysis