Measurement vehicle and equipment


The measurement vehicle, Opel Zafira 2.0 DTI, is adjusted for performing measurements within the human-vehicle-roadway system (installed power supply for components, option to turn off the anti-lock braking system).

The measurement equipment includes the following components which can be combined into purpose-built measurement systems:

  • Measurement computer Vericom VC4000 DAQ,
  • Inertial measurement system iMAR VRU-FC-C167,
  • Non-contact speed and distance sensor Corrsys-Datron S400,
  • Mobile eye tracker Dikablis Cable,
  • NI PXI-1000B chassis with a measurement computer and interfaces for acquisition of digital and analogue signals using different protocols,
  • Two CAN/LIN to USB interfaces (PCAN USB/USB-pro),
  • Sensors (accelerometers with different ranges, rotation sensor, displacement sensor, etc.),
  • Own-developed Hardware and software for various measurements.